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Looking for odd-ball livebearers


Hi all

I am looking for poeciliid species of the following genera:

  • Xenodexia
  • Tomeurus
  • Phalloptychus
  • Phallotorynus
  • Phalloceros
  • Cnesterodon
  • Micropoecilia
  • Poecilia vivipara
  • Pamphorichthys
  • Pseudolimia heterandria
  • Quintana
  • Diphyacantha (aka Priapichthys chocoensis and dariensis)
  • Pseudopoecilia (aka Priapichthys austrocolumbiana, festae, and fria)
  • Panamichthys (aka Priapichthys panamensis)
  • Alloheterandria caliensis and nigroventralis
  • Hiatirhaphis (parismina and cascajalensis)
  • Neoheterandria
  • Scolichthys

I know... a greedy long list:) I am preferably looking for pairs or small groups, but I'd be happy even with single males.

Cheers, Michi